Looking for a fun interactive way to incorporate movement into your child's week? Join our movement group! Any kids ages 3-5 are welcome to join each week to play games, complete obstacle courses, dance, exercise, and more.

The community resource is for any children 3-5 years of age regardless of ability. If a child does have a disability or delay, modifications will be available so all can participate.

This movement group is led by licensed professionals and engages children with various developmental skills to promote learning, increased independence, and regulation in daily life using movement. Our professionals have backgrounds in occupational therapy, physical therapy, and exercise science designed to promote learning various skills, as seen above through movement.

Movement helps with the learning and development process essential for daily activities in life such as:

  • Increased learning and cognitive skills (memory, language, attention, decision-making, self-control, social skills)
  • Increased self-regulation (sensory regulation/development, emotional regulation/development)
  • Improved motor skills (balance, strength, coordination, motor planning, spatial/ body awareness)

For more info or group times contact our Pediatric therapy team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 309-452-0069 ext. 298.