Thank you for supporting Marcfirst and joining us in our mission to connect families and people with developmental disabilities to our community through a lifetime of meaningful supports. Your donation will allow us to continue providing services to over 800 children and adults in McLean County.

Would you like to help make a difference in your community? Make an online donation today, or mail a check, payable to Marcfirst, to this address:

Attn: Philanthropy
2000 Jacobssen Drive
Normal, IL 61761


Amazon Wish List

Check out our Pediatric Therapy Wish List on Amazon for a direct way to donate. View it here.

Planned Giving

You believe in the work of Marcfirst, and you want to make sure that we will be here for individuals with developmental disabilities for years to come. You want your gift to make a difference. Many families and friends, just like you, have made a planned gift donation to Marcfirst that helps us build a secure future.

Planned giving is a tool that allows you to achieve your goals for Marcfirst as it enhances your own personal financial plans. There are several ways to make a planned gift:

  • During your lifetime, you can make an outright gift of cash, securities, or other property (real estate, personal property, etc.)
  • Make a gift through your will, bequests, revocable trust, or through distribution from a retirement plan or life insurance policy
  • Make a gift that returns lifetime payments to you, your spouse, or other individuals as a charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder trust.

By including Marcfirst in your planned giving, you will:

  • Maximize your charitable contribution
  • Qualify for tax deductions under both state and federal law
  • Turn appreciated assets into income for yourself and/or family members

Memorials & Honors

A donation to Marcfirst is a thoughtful way to honor someone who has received services from Marcfirst or has a deep connection to our mission. Gifts can be made to not only honor someone’s life but to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and other milestones. All money raised goes towards the programs to support over 800 children and adults with developmental disabilities in McLean County.

Other Ways to Donate

Get your company involved

Find out if your company has a match program. For example, State Farm will match your donation up to $1,500 each year!

Everybody loves Casual Fridays! Marcfirst would love to be the recipient of donations collected from a Casual Friday!

Get your school involved

Marcfirst loves when children learn to give back to their community at a young age. Having a bake sale? Penny Wars? Marcfirst would appreciate donations from any of those fundraising activities!