Light in the Darkness – Parents’ Perspective

Cara was starting to make progress in various therapies when COVID shut down her current services. Thankfully, Marcfirst was there to help. Within two weeks, most of the progress that had been lost was regained – and then some!


Vincent's Story

Vincent came to Marcfirst with no functional communication. It was a complete guessing game to figure out his wants and needs. He would scream, cry, and bang his head. Now that he's enrolled in ABA therapy, he successfully uses pictures to request his wants. His behaviors have decreased, and he no longer resorts to self-harm. He's happy! And he's happy to be at Marcfirst.



Encouraging Self-Advocacy

Liz, a participant in our Community Day Services, saw a need: more money to go on more excursions, buy new games, and have even more fun with her friends in our Day Services programs. To raise this money, she decided to host an art sale. Liz advocated for herself, worked with multiple departments and her friends in Day Services, and raised almost $500 with an online art sale!